I feel one of the most important things in designing a system is the water application.  This is the reason for installing a system in your field. If it is not right the whole thing will not function correctly.  And lets face it the water is the reason were doing the project.

We understand the uniform, precise water application is one of the reasons you choose to irrigate with a mechanized irrigation system. That's why precise water application has been a priority for us at Mercier Valley Irrigation, Co. for over 30 years. Valley's unmatched irrigation experience has consistently provided Valley owners with the latest in water application technology and products.

Growers look to Valley to irrigate more acres with less water, improve irrigation management and meet environmental concerns while reducing production costs and improving or sustaining yields. Valley is the only center pivot manufacture that demonstrates a commitment to water application with its own staff of sprinkler engineers and application specialists who design and build spray nozzles specifically for mechanized irrigation systems. In addition, only Valley tests, certifies and inventories a full range of components from other leading sprinkler manufactures.

Whether it is a new irrigation system, system expansion or existing system upgrade, only Valley and Valley Dealers provide the combined experience and ongoing investment in research to ensure that every Valley system is designed to meet your specific water application requirements.

Our Parts department carries most frequently used parts for standard and corner systems and is well stocked and organized. Parts can be picked up any time, delivered to your farm, or mailed (UPS) the same day.  Our goal is to get your system back up and running as quickly as possible.

We carry parts and service all Brands of systems. Most systems repaired within 24hrs.

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Access, manage and monitor your equipment at a glance with BaseStation3 software by Valley from almost any device.


Our knowledge of agricultural practices and field conditions with Valley's extensive irrigation experience and training to select and design the Valley system to meet your needs.


We make sure that your system is installed to meet Valley's specifications and guidelines for unmatched performance and reliable service.